Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Teal with Olive Accents

Now when the weather is back to mild (low to mid 50s F), and it is gray, wet and windy, I am playing dress up more. I came to love these kind of temperatures, from 50s to 60s, it is best for layering - not too cold, so you don't wear so many layers that you feel bulky, and yet you can add something interesting to a dress or a skirt, an extra layer for warmth, texture and color. Plus, it is a good temperature to wear all my polyester dresses (which I don't have so many that I can call myself Polyester Princess, wink wink), but still I like polyester for easy care, keeping good shape and bright colors even after many trips to a washer and dryer. So maybe I could be Polyester Duchess or something like that.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Pink Play

Pink is one of the prettiest colors, but it never was one of my most favorite ones. There are generally two reasons for that: A) when something is so pretty, it becomes favored by many, and I tend to resent things that are too popular, they just rapidly loose their appeal for me; and B) even though I absolutely admire some shades of pink on others (i.e., dusty pink or frost pink), alas, there are not many shades of pink that look good with my skin tone. As for the first reason, I completely understand that it's just in my head, and I gradually overcome this shortcoming of mine. And as for the second reason, all right, not too many shades of pink work for me, but there is always MAGENTA! And magenta is MAGICAL in my book.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

A Wardrobe Formation

Early November surprised us with cold air and even a few snowflakes here and there this year. With temperatures dropping to the mid 40s, it was time to get my cozies out. This outfit is in heavy rotation lately, and I am happy to report that it contains only stuff that I have owned for years, but in a new combination. I've finally arrived at the feeling that my wardrobe is complete. If you read my blog since the beginning, you might remember that I started creating a wardrobe practically from scratch back in 2013, after a prolonged period of very low interest in clothes (let alone accessories, let alone style as a creative process). My body has been changing in the last several years in size and shape, which provided additional challenges. I was learning not only what can look good on my body, but also my tastes, preferences and my comfort zone. I discovered that when it comes to style, I've become much less conservative compared to my younger self, more curious and open to new ideas. I discovered a new born willingness to try new (to me) things and maybe even look ridiculous at times - it does not bother me now. So what if someone won't appreciate my experiments? It's only clothes!

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Modish Matrons #17: Art Deco

I am so happy to welcome friends to the new Modish Matrons party!
In November, the theme is inspired by my writer's imagination...and my writer's closet. I've chosen Art Deco, one of the most fascinating styles of visual arts that became truly international and dominated the world of art, design, fashion, jewelry, cars, trains, ocean liners, and of course architecture - for decades between the two world wars. I simply could not resist picking this theme for our Modish Matrons improvisations! I hope you are as eager as I am to read my beautiful co-hosts BEATE's and TINA's posts and see their visual/wearable interpretations of the theme.